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Oil Pollution Management & Control
Emergency Contact: 00350 58776000/56412000
All of our employees and equipment is thoroughly regulated and audited at regular intervals by OSRL, the largest Oil Spill Response Organisation in the World.

Through OSRL, Brightside Services is the official Tier 2, Tier 3 Oil Spill Response contractors for the Gibraltar Port Authority.

Brightside Services employees are fully trained to the highest standards set by OSRL. Our employees regularly attend training courses in Southampton in the UK at the OSRL training centre. As our employees are fully trained to OSRL standards, they are also part of a world wide call out team that can be sent anywhere in the world if their is a large scale incident, as was the case recently with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill in 2010.
We have a wide range of equipment that can be deployed at a moments notice.
Here is a short sample of our vast stock of equipment.

Harbour and Offshore Booms
Delta Skimmers
Komara Skimmer
Mini-Vac Beach cleaning System
Shore and Floating Storage
Boat mounted Side Sweep Systems
Oil Pollution containment adaptable Envirocat Aluminium Hull Vessel
Brightside Services has responded to over 100 oil spill call outs in over 15 yrs. These have ranged from minor oil spills both on land and at sea, to the major incidents of the New Flame and Fedra in 2008. We have established ourselves as the premier oil spill response company in Gibraltar, with not only the most experienced personel, but also with the best and most modern equipment available to tackle an oil spill. Our continous training, incident management and counter pollution skills is second to none. This is proven with our long list of established clients continously coming back to us for both our services and knowledge on oil spill response and management.
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