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Waste Oil Removal
Harbour & Marina Cleaning
Chemical & Contaminated Material Removal
Brightside Services is fully licensed to remove various types of waste, from domestic refuse to dangerous chemicals and contaminated materials.
Brightside Services regulary collects and disposes of Waste Oil from local businesses. In addition to our tank cleaning, we also collect and dispose of the waste oil, fuels and sludge from land based tanks, ships and private yachts.

We also regulary support the local motor industry by collecting and disposing all types of vehicle fluids that they may of collected.
Brightside Services also peforms cleaning of the harbour waters for the Gibraltar Port Authority and private Marinas.

With our custom made Aluminium Boat (Envirocat), we are able to pick up floating rubbish which accumalates in the Harbour and Marinas over time. The Envirocat is also capable of being adapted and used to pick up spilled oil and fuels. Due to its size and manouverability, it is ideal to pick up the waste products in those hard to reach areas in between ships and boats docked in port without any disruptions.
Waste Removal
We can also provide the service of collecting and removing of hazardous chemicals and contaminated materials.

We also build waste and chemical containment areas, where it is not feasible to remove materials due to size or transportation hazards. Here the materials can be cleaned and de-contaminated making it easier and safer for transportation and ultimately disposal or recycling.
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